• Do you have your own factory?

    We have our own factory.Shanghai Lucky e-Commerce Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trader integrating design, R & D, manufacturing

  • Where is your company?

    Headquartered in Shanghai, China, the company has branches in Zhejiang, Nagoya, Los Angeles and other countries and regions.

  • What are your main products?

    We focus on manufacturing DIY printing equipment and developing DIY products, providing personalized heat press machine equipment and heat transfer vinyl sheets , heat press mat, stencil,carving machine and other series of products.

  • What is your sales channel?

    We support retail online-Amazon platform and wholesale business offline.

  • Do you support customization?

    We accept customers' customized needs, and we have our own product design and R & D team to meet customers' customized needs.

  • Where can we buy your goods?

    You can buy our products in our Amazon store . If you have other needs, you can also contact us.

  • Which countries, regions or platforms do you sell?

    We have opened stores on Amazon platform for sales business, and also set up sales outlets in North America, South America, Japan, Europe and other countries and regions. Customers from different countries and regions are welcome to order.

  • What is your mode of transportation?

    If you buy in Amazon store, Amazon logistics will deliver it to you. If you trade offline, both parties can negotiate to determine the mode of transportation.

  • If we give a big order, do you have any discount?

    We support a minimum order of one piece in retail, and a minimum order of 100 pieces in wholesale. Larger quantity will get more discount.

  • What payment methods do you support?

    We support telegraphic transfer or letter of credit

  • How long is the delivery time in general?

    Amazon supports 48 hour delivery. If you choose other ways to trade, the delivery time needs to be confirmed according to the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, it will be 15-60 days.

  • How to contact you quickly?

    You can send an email to: may@lucky-in.com , or call us at 86-21-5832 2855, + 86 136 6143 8998.

  • Can you provide free samples?

    We charge the sample fee, but we can refund the sample fee if the order amount exceeds $15000 in subsequent orders.

  • What is your after-sales service guarantee?

    The whole machine of heat press machine is guaranteed for one year, the heating plate is guaranteed for three years, and heat press machine accessories are guaranteed for three months.

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